• Try Vegan in January

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world try a vegan lifestyle during January, which means avoiding – as much as possible – utilization of animals and violence done to them. Veganúar in Iceland is working with Veganuary.com.
    Most people become vegan for environmental or health reasons, or because of animal rights’ issues.

    Animal products such as red meat and dairy products have a great impact on the release of greenhouse gases. When you stop eating them, you reduce your carbon footprint substantially.

    With a vegan lifestyle, you can prevent the suffering of hundreds of animals every year. You save lives with every meal and with other products you use that don’t contain anything derived from animals.

    It has been shown that animal products, such as processed meat and dairy products, increase the probability of cancer and can have a negative effect on health. Your health can improve a lot by eating vegetable- and plant-based diets.

  • Programme

    All events are free of charge and everyone with a positive interest in veganism is welcome to attend.

    Kick-off meeting

    Bíó Paradís - 3 January 20.00–22.00

    Experts will present the impact a vegan lifestyle can have on the environment, on your health and for the animals.


    Iðnó - 5 January 20.00–22.00

    Þorsteinn V. Einarsson (founder of podcast Karlmennskan – The Masculinity) asks Arnór Dan, singer with Agent Fresco; Eva Guðrún Kristjánsdóttir, founder of the podcast The Vegan (Grænkerið); Gunnar Theodór Eggertsson, author; Jewells Chambers, founder of the podcast "All things Iceland" (Tiktok, Youtube); and singer Klara Elíasdóttir why they became vegan, and the advantages and challenges inherent in it.

    Vegan pub quiz

    Stúdentakjallarinn bar (University of Iceland)
    12 January 20.00–22.00

    With Young Environmentalists.

    Children’s event

    Bókasamlagið 15 January 13.00-16.00

    The Bókasamlagið vegan coffee shop (on the corner of Nóatún and Skipholt) is hosting an event where vegan children can come and play together.

    Film showing of Slay

    Bíó Paradís 18 January 20.00–22.00

    Film theatre 2. Slay documents the horrors of the fashion industry including fur, leather and wool and the impact of brands using animal skins on people, the planet and animals.

    Political panel discussion on whaling

    TBA 19 January 20.00–22.00

    Politicians discuss their attitudes to whaling. Will it or will it not continue?

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    Final celebration

    Breiðfirðingabúð (above Vegan búðin) 22.00–22.00

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